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Medical Assistance: the core business

As Swiss market leader, Medicall has the greatest wealth of experience in the area of medical assistance. Around the clock, 365 days a year, specialised personnel with medical assistance experience are on the job. When a call comes in to the emergency number they personally record the concerns and needs of the patient. Medicall immediately develops a comprehensive picture of the medical situation and provision on-site and initiates the medical measures required.

Medicall offers medical assessments (doctor-doctor discussions) and telephone advice to patients. This is done via a service specialised in travel and aviation medicine. Medicall arranges for medical specialists and hospitals here and abroad, as needed.

When medically necessary, Medicall ensures patients are referred to the closest medical treatment centre that meets international standards. Further, repatriation home is arranged for patients who are ill, were in an accident or have died.

Medicall processes cost guarantees for in- or out-patient treatment around the globe. This is done via a correspondent network active worldwide. A closely monitored cost control process offers the client the highest possible security for the reimbursement of services rendered abroad.In cases involving several insurers, Medicall coordinates the allocation of costs and the claims.


Ideally equipped for any medical eventuality.